Juicer Machines, Vividmoo Masticating Juicer machines with 3-Inch Wide Chute, 2-Speed Modes & Reverse Function, Powerful Fruit Cold Press Juicer, Dishwasher Safe Slow Masticating Juicer

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Brand Vividmoo
Color sliver
Special Feature 7 level upgrade spiral masticating system, 2-Speed Modes, reverse function, exceptionally stable DC motor, 3-inch spacious feed port See more
Product Dimensions 7"D x 16.14"W x 15.75"H
Finish Type Etched

Stainless Steel
150 watts

About this item

  • Large Feed Port: Effortlessly juice whole fruits and vegetables with our 3-inch spacious feed port, saving you time and effort.
  • Antioxidant Juice: Advanced cold pressing technology retains 90% of the nutrients in the juice and reduces oxidation. Savor healthy, energizing, delicious juices.
  • Upgrade Auger: Our advanced Augerdesign ensures maximum juice extraction, minimizing waste and maximizing yield.
  • Low noise: Experience a quiet sub-60db juicing process with the Vividmoo Masticating Juicer. The upgraded motor runs smoothly and quietly, allowing you to enjoy your juicing experience without unnecessary noise disruptions.
  • Dual Speed with Fallback: Customize your juicing experience with double-speed settings. From soft fruits to hard vegetables, our juicer adapts effortlessly to ensure optimal results every time. The intelligent fallback feature guarantees a seamless operation, regardless of product.
  • Safe Material: Your well-being matters to us. The Vividmoo Masticating Juicer is made from safe, BPA-free materials, providing peace of mind and a worry-free juicing experience.
  • Anti-Drip Design: Bid farewell to messy countertops! Our juicer features an anti-drip design that prevents messy spills and drips, keeping your kitchen clean and ensuring you can focus on enjoying your freshly made juice.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Cleaning up after juicing has always been challenging. All detachable parts of the Vividmoo Masticating Juicer are dishwasher safe, allowing for effortless cleanup and saving you valuable time.
  • Versatile Juicer Machine: Unlock the full potential of your juicer with its customized attachments to grind meat and slice, providing versatility in your kitchen and cutting your time spent on prep in half, if not more.Search “B0CCP5CXCH/B0CCP6G6Z4” to learn more about it! (PS: Attachment need to be purchased separately)
  • 2-Year Warranty: We stand by the quality of our product. Vividmoo offers a 2-year warranty and reliable after-sales service for the masticating slow juicer and accessories.
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  1. "Vividmoo" is an acronym of "Vibrant," "Innovations,"with "Valuable & Designs," which reflects the brand's core values from its establishment in 2017.

    Ever since, Vividmoo has become well-known for their kitchen appliances, especially their stellar cold press series.

    Today, both excellent R&D and a rapidly growing Vividmoo community are key components of the brand's work to revolutionize the home drinking experience.

  2. Vividmoo Masticating Juicer

    Experience the Ultimate Cold Press Juicing with Vividmoo Masticating Juicer

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Product Description

Why Choose a Slow Press Juicer Over a Centrifuge

From a usage principle standpoint, centrifuges primarily depend on food crushing and high-speed rotation to separate juice and fiber, leading to full air exposure of the juice. This results in excessive juice oxidation, nutrient loss, and excessive foaming. In contrast, slow juicers extract juice through a gentler pressing process, minimizing air contact to preserve vital nutrients and enzymes in the juice ingredients. Additionally, slow juicers deliver a higher juice yield.

From the perspective of disassembly and cleaning, centrifuges have a structure prone to fiber clogging and can be challenging to take apart. During cleaning, caution is required to avoid the blade, which poses certain safety risks. Conversely, this horizontal slow juicer features a one-button disassembly feature, making disassembly straightforward and convenient. Its accessories lack hazardous components, ensuring a straightforward and safe cleaning process.

Why Choose This Cold Press Juicer

To meet consumer demands, we've upgraded to a 3-inch large diameter design, tripling juice extraction efficiency compared to smaller diameters.

To handle the increased resistance posed by the upgraded large-caliber when processing larger ingredients, we employ an upgraded high-torque motor, capable of smoothly handling larger ingredients.

To enhance its portability, we've incorporated a handle, making it effortless to move with just one hand. This marks a substantial improvement compared to machines requiring the use of both hands for transport.

Tips: The machine's DC motor provides a more comfortable and quieter experience. However, the use of different ingredients may result in varying noise levels, particularly when processing high-fiber ingredients, which may produce some unavoidable noise.

Juicer Machine Meat Grinder Slicer Shredder Attachment 33Lbs Nugget Ice Maker Juicer Machine
Model ZM1525 P-002B P-001B HZB15NS ZM1525
Wattage 150W - - 192W 150W
Item Weight 11.55 Lbs 2.91 Lbs 2.2 Lbs 18 Lbs 11.55 Lbs
Operating Mode Slow pressing Rotating blades grind Rotating blades cut Compressor condensation Slow pressing
BPA Free
Shell material Plastic Aluminum alloy Stainless steel Stainless steel Plastic
Speed 70-110 RPM - - 5 mins fast ice making 70-110 RPM
Features 8 spiral masticating Multiple size grinding Quick shred 33 Lbs/DAY 8 spiral masticating
Dimensions 7"D x 16.14"W x 15.75"H 5.9D*8.27W*8.66H 3.74D*6.69W*8.27H 11.3"D x 8.66"W x 12.68"H 7"D x 16.14"W x 15.75"H
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100% quality guarantee
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